Transfer informations

TRANSPORT: A shuttle service is planned to and from the official hotels to the competition venue. COVID-19 SPECIFIC RULES:

  • The competition will be organized in a “Bubble” system. “Bubble” is an umbrella term for the isolated Competition Venue, the Hotel and the buses involved in the transportation of the Delegations. Participants are not allowed to leave the “bubble” between arrival to and departure from the official hotels. Due to the followed Protocol’s epidemiological provisions, the probability of a COVID-19 infection is very low within this Bubble.
  • No spectators will be allowed to the competition venue
  • Every participant will be tested (PCR) for Covid-19 upon arrival to the hotel
  • The test results will arrive within 12 hours from taking the test
  • Until the test results arrive participants are not allowed to leave their rooms (room service for meals is available)
  • Accreditation cards will only be given to participants that provided a negative test result
  • Participants are not allowed to leave the hotel or the competition venue. Leaving without permission is considered as violation of the rules and will be penalized (exclusion from the event is possible). Official transfer buses will take participants to and from the hotel. No other means of transport is allowed!
  • Any participant tested Positive to Covid-19 will not be authorized to take part in training or in the competition. The participant will be quarantined for 10 days in the official declared complementary hotel. The cost of the extended stay should be borne by the concerned national federation, or the participant themselves.
  • In case a negative PCR test is required for participants to return home, the organizers provide this additional test before departure.
  • The cost of PCR tests will be covered from the subsidy of the FIE.
  • COVID-19 specific rules of the FIE apply to all participants, please read it carefully: Download link